Online Management

Online management is becoming increasingly popular for what I believe is a variety of different reasons, not the least of which is “time.”

The truth is SEO (or search engine optimization) is a complicated art that must be applied for any website to achieve the desired position on Google. In other words, it does no good whatsoever having a website if no one can find it when they are searching “keywords” that describe what it is you offer.

If you’re restaurant for example, clearly you would want to have potential customers find your business when they are Googling terms like “best breakfast Pinetop”, or one of a thousand other “search terms.” (keywords)

Therefore SEO in very simple terms means to make sure your site is in the optimal position in the search results. (Page 1 of Google) This is where you need to be if you want to see any real financial gain from the internet.

In saying all of this, when someone builds a website and quickly realizes that “no one is coming”, they will begin the quest that leads them to the term “SEO” and all of the thousands of companies waiting to promise the world…..and they do charge accordingly!

SEO comes down to a variety of things, but to keep it very simple, it is really just a matter of “content, keywords, and links.” Period!

Social media is a huge part of SEO, but its not all of it. Nor is all of the linking services that are for hire going to do you any good without the social media.

Then there is the area of “reputation management” which is only just now starting to catch on. However, I have learned on this journey that even responding to reviews online (good and bad) plays an important role in achieving the top spot on Google. In other words, there is just not one thing that a business can do to climb that Google ladder if you will, it has to be a recipe of sorts, and it will always include distributing quality “Links, Content, & Keywords.”

That brings me back to the reason why so many business owners become overwhelmed and beyond frustrated once they realize that having a website doesn’t necessarily mean “an increase in business.”

It becomes too complicated trying to understand it all, too expensive to try and pay for, or just too much time to do it yourself. The good news, you just don’t have too.

For whatever reason (probably the years of frustration I endured determined to unlock the Google code), this truly is my specialty. At some point a few years ago, it was as if a light bulb went off and I could see “the big picture” of what it is that Google is looking for….and it truly is much like a favorite recipe that you just know by heart.

So if you’re really looking to tap into all of the rewards the internet has to offer, and at a reasonable cost, contact me and we’ll talk!

Whether it’s website building or repair, social media, responding to reviews, or total online management….I am happy to help ease the burden of the all encompassing World Wide Web. 

I promise I am not the cheapest you will find, but I will absolutely deliver the best results at a fair price!!