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Taking your business online can be overwhelming, and yet, many learn the hard way that their business went online without even setting up a Facebook page, much less a website.

The truth is, your customers have something to say about you, and just because you may choose to conduct your business through “word of mouth” only, most of your customers choose to share their experience in an online arena.

This could be Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, or countless other third party sites.

My goal is to educate customers on the importance of being “part of the solution!”

In other words, regardless of your decision to run a small store without utilizing the Internet….your customers are creating an “online reputation” that you may not even be aware of. By keeping your business “offline only,” you have opened the door for everyone else to determine your success or failure.

The internet doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you have someone you can count on doing it all for you, and the reality is, when managed properly it can and should increase any business plan you have.

Coming from such a small community, it feels impossible to find a business whose sole purpose is to “protect and promote” yours in a manner that is both affordable and professional, and yet, this is exactly what I do!

What I can tell you about me is that I cannot stand “those companies” who promise the world and deliver nothing! I understand Google and everything they look for when positioning sites, and while I am quite certain that others up here also understand these SEO tactics, they will also use fancy terms in an attempt to impress you.

When others speak in HTML codes, inbound linking, spiders, site crawling, and redirecting…..it is done with purpose I assure you. The more you stay “confused”, the more they can charge as you are just overwhelmed trying to process it all. (huge peeve of mine)

My goal is to simplify your life, and above all else, make sure you have access to your business online at all times. For me, the worst kind of business practice is when these “internet companies” make all these promises but only collect a check. They rarely seem to be available when you need them, they host your site so that they always have control over it should you decide to stop writing those checks, and when asked about all the things they promised to do in the beginning…..well that’s where they keep talking in that “high tech talk” so many people don’t understand.

Our relationship will be kept “simple”, and the results you see will be positive. Last but not least; I will absolutely be available when you need help on this journey! 🙂

Contact me now to discuss your goals as a business owner, and we can come up with something that works perfectly for you.


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